About Us

i5 ELITE is dedicated to building adolescents into superior athletes, and to develop a desire in young people for excellence in education while instilling valuable life skills.

We have a coaching staff made up of former athletes who have excelled in various sports at the college level with an extensive background in speed development, endurance training, core training, technique, and sportsmanship. They come together to provide the environment and systems that enhance your child(s) athletic ability, teaches your children life skills, builds character and integrity as well as fosters mentoring and peer accountability.

Our coaches are excited to partner with parents to meet the individual goals of the athletes while promoting academic excellence. Through these core values and hard work of athletes we have placed athletes in schools such as USC, Florida, Auburn, Stanford, High Point, Univ. of Maryland, St. Francis (PA), Rutgers, and Wheeling Univ. (WV). Many with full scholarships.


We are dedicated to do the following:

  • Provide a safe physical environment
  • Communicate in a positive way
  • Teach the fundamental skills of track and field
  • Teach the rules of track and field
  • Direct athletes in competition
  • Help your athletes to become fit and to value fitness for a lifetime
  • Make it fun to get fit, and make it fun to participate in sports so that your athletes will stay fit for a lifetime
  • Help young people develop character
  • Teach athletes the importance of healthy food choices and good nutrition

Team Expectations

It is expected that athletes and parents sign all consent, registration, & emergency forms prior to participation with i5 ELITE.

All Athletes must maintain at least a 2.3 GPA throughout the season. Progress reports or report cards must be provided with registration materials. No Exceptions! Tutors can be provided upon request depending on availability.


  • All team members are expected to be completely dressed in the ‘team’ uniform during meets.
  • All athletes should be dressed appropriately for the weather conditions at practices & meets.
  • Appropriate footwear should be worn. No athlete should attempt to run in basketball shoes, etc.
  • Jeans, dresses, skirts, pajamas, or tight-fitting pants are never to be worn to practice.

Athletes should always show respect for team members, coaches, parents, officials, and opponents during meets or practices.

We expect that athletes not only represent i5 ELITE during meets and practices but also in their community.
It is expected that ‘all’ athletes participate in club related fundraisers when notified.


  • It is expected that all athletes come and participate in all scheduled practices when possible.
  • It is expected that athletes give 100% during practices and meets.
  • All athletes must always show respect to coaches and parents while participating in i5 ELITE practices and or meets.
  • Athletes are responsible for all their own property during practices and meets.


  • It is expected that parents communicate well in advance when athletes will not be participating in a meet. (This is critical when your child is apart of a relay).
  • It is expected that athletes be “on time” for all meets and practices.
  • During meets no athlete should be off to themselves (We implement the “buddy system”).
  • It is expected that parents listen for their athletes event and have them ready before they are taken to the bullpen.